A Land Code is a First Nations Law that replaces 32 sections of the Indian Act, and sets out the rules for future community law making and enforcement for our reserve lands and resources.

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Catch up on how we first started this process and what it means. Newsletter published September 2016.

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Read the full Framework Agreement here or download the summary to help understand what's involved.

Once complete, Kitsumkalum's individual agreement will be available for download.

Once the Community Ratification Process is complete, a summary and full version will be available for download.

We Wai Kai Nation: Land Codes Provide Economic Opportunities

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Lands Affected:
Reserve Lands

quick facts:

The Land Code is not a Treaty, Final Agreement of Self-Government Agreement.

A Land Code applies to reserve lands specifically and covers land and resource management not other aspects of the community such as health, education, taxation etc.

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res lands

Lands Affected:
Consultative Boundary Map with Reserve Lands

quick facts:

We have moved into the second phase of the Land Code project: Land Code Drafting and Community Engagement.

Over the course of the next months Kitsumkalum's Land Management Committee will be drafting a Kitsumkalum Land Code to set the rules and structure for land management in our community.

Community will be able to review and we look forward to your input.

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Lands Affected:
3 Survey Maps

quick facts:

- Be developed by our members, have input by our members, and be voted on by our members.

- Allow us to design our land governance structure based on our culture and values.

(i.e. how will we protect the environment? How will members be included in the land management approvals?)

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Kitsumkalum Land Management Committee

Lisa Wesley

Troy Sam

Yvonne Wesley

Wayne Bolton

Mag de Grace

The Kitsumkalum Land Management Committee was established in April 2017 to represent members interests in First Nations Land Management Initiatives. We have seven members.

Troy Sam Photo Land Committee

Allan Bolton

Jeanette Spalding

Charlene Webb

Lisa joined the Land Management Committee to experience and investigate land management systems outside of the current Indian Act system. She sees limitations in dealing with INAC for day to day land administration. She looks forward to the multi-staged process of developing a Land Code and ensuring community involvement at each step. A favourite past time of Lisa’s is processing traditional foods, so she embraces land management that maintains access to traditional food sources.

Troy joined the Land Management Committee to help the community transition towards a self-sustaining and self-governing role in land and resource management. He hopes to see Kitsumkalum align with other communities that are successfully operating under their own Land Code. Troy is an advocate for sustainable and responsible land and resource management, especially when it comes to the forests!

Allan joined the Land Management Committee to support with mapping and planning components. He assisted with the Treaty Office’s Land Use Planning process and looks forward to planning for the reserve areas. Allan is an advocate for land and resource management that ensures the continuation of his favourite past times - fishing, boating and getting out on the ATV!

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Coming Soon!

Community & Land Code Planner

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Kitsumkalum Land Code

Land Code Newsletters, Events and News Postings

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Video: We Wai Kai Nation: Land Codes Provide Economic Opportunities

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