We at Kitsumkalum Fish & Wildlife specialize in combining traditional knowledge with
western science in order to develop unique resource management and enhancement practices that support the needs of your business, your community, and the environmen


We offer services in:

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Drone Surveys

  • Fisheries Research

  • Wildlife Population Surveys

  • Commercial and Community Food Fishing

  • Archaeological Surveys

Our Services

Environmental Monitoring

Pursue your environmental assessment certificate.

We make getting certified easy. Have an idea for a project? Our professional biologists and technicians will work to define, plan, and execute your terrestrial, marine, or LNG related projects. Just sit back and watch it happen.


Drone Surveys

Cost-effective surveying and mapping.

Survey, map, video and photograph territory without draining your resources. Easily monitor wildlife or track escapement. Finally, an effective way to collect data on a budget.

Watch Drone Video

Fisheries Research

Determine potential impact on fish habitat.

Discover your project’s potential and cumulative impact. Work with us to define beach health, assess fish stock, conduct creel surveys, enhance salmonid, or simply restore and enhance fish habitat.

Watch Abalone Research Video

Commercial & Community Food Fishing

Develop your own fishery.

Increase food security, job opportunities, and economic options with food fishing. We’re the experts in identifying new and underused fish species, as well as quota fishing and negotiations. Let us facilitate the issuing of permits and licenses. No stress, just fish.

Archeological Surveys

Identify archeological sites and establish Title and Rights.

Ensure the preservation of archeological sites while advancing your project. Establish traditional land use and occupation. We can identify culturally modified trees (CMTs), participate in archeological digs, and identify new sites.

Wildlife Population Surveys

Minimize impact on wildlife habitat and migrations.

Reduce your project’s risk of habitat fractionation. We will conduct wildlife counts, collect data, ensure sustainable harvest, identify trends, and restore land and habitat. Together we’ll ensure that both your project and our wildlife thrive.

Some of Our Projects

Classifying a Species: The Oolichan Project

Classifying a species with scientific data

Research initiatives aim to determine the health of the oolachan population, currently considered a species of concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Our objective is to understand the use of oolachan estuaries and the oceanic component of the species’ lifecycle. We track and identify the impacts of climate change by comparing scientific findings with our traditional knowledge through stock assessments, creel surveys, and the identification of spawning and rearing habitats.

Predicting Change: Climate Change Research

Predicting the impacts of climate change

To better predict and assess the impacts of climate change, we continually study, track and compare trends in the landscape and productivity of the Kitsumkalum watershed. We do so by referencing historical databases and conducting research in hydrology, biodiversity, fish studies, meteorology, glacier studies, water quality, and stream and lake productivity.

Help protect over 12,700km of Northern Canada.
Donate to our climate change research today.


Protecting Ecosystems: Sensitivity Coastal Zone Mapping

Protecting ecosystems with emergency response planning

With plans to export million barrels of oil, Northern Canada’s wildlife and marine habitats are at risk. We protect sensitive habitats with the development of emergency spill response plans. Through beach surveys, video and photo mapping, we identify and classify sensitive ecosystems and plan for potential impacts on local and commercial marine traffic.

Our Friends & Project Partners

Kitsumkalum partners with the Kitselas and Haisla nations to create a tri-nation company that focuses on the restoration and reclamation of ecosystems impacted by the many industrial projects in Northern British Columbia.

Our Community & Mission

Our mission is to develop economic and environmental health within Kitsumkalum.

We invest in our community by providing professional training opportunities and engaging future generations. Our department has trained 20 technicians, developed summer student programs, and sponsors field trips.

We continue to establish working and educational relationships between Oceans Network Canada and the Vancouver Aquarium and our schools, technicians, and professionals.

Our Laxyuup (Lands)


Meet Our Staff

Mark Biagi

Fish & Wildlife Operations Manager
250-635-5000 ext. 105

Fred Guno

Fish and Wildlife Guardian Officer
250-635-5000 ext. 112

James Webb

Fish and Wildlife Guardian Officer
250-635-5000 ext. 104

Jim Roberts

Fisheries Coordinator
250-635-5000 ext. 101

Allan Miller

Fish and Wildlife Environment Monitor

Robert Connely

Fisheries Program Administrator
250-635-5000 ext.115

Warren Bolton

GIS Technician
250-635-5000 ext.123

Tammy Roberts

Fisheries Admin Assistant
250-635-5000 ext.110

Jenna Medeiros

Fisheries Office Assistant

Don Spalding

Fish and Wildlife Environment Monitor

Bill Bolan

Fish and Wildlife Environment Monitor

Russell Bolton

Fish and Wildlife Environment Monitor

Kitsumkalum Fish & Wildlife Operations



P.O. Box 544
Terrace, BC
V8G 4B5

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