Ancient time-honored values guide us to a secure and bountiful future

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Our traditional territorial lands (laxyuup) are located in and around the Kitsumkalum watershed, Lakelse & Skeena River and the Prince Rupert Coast.

Although this was where our permanent villages were located, our ancestors carried out what is sometimes referred to as a ‘seasonal round’, travelling to our seasonal village sites down the Skeena River and on the coast to gather ocean and land foods.

These sites were maintained, used year after year, and we still use these spots today for many of our foods. These foods, then and now, sustain our people throughout the year and are essential to our feast system through which we carry out our Tsimshian politics and practice our culture – keeping it strong and vibrant.
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In Sm’algyax Tsimshian translates as
"Inside the Skeena River"

Our connection to the land, the rivers and the ocean is central to our social, cultural, and political life and helps maintain our ideologies as Kitsumkalum and as Tsimshian.

Our Chief and Matriarch names are attached to the land, defining the territories of our house groups and rooting us firmly in place.

Kitsumkalum is a strong, proud part of the Tsimshian Nation.



We have aboriginal rights to fish, harvest, gather and engage in cultural and spiritual activities throughout the coastal part of our territory.

We take exception to attempts to deny us our rightful place within the Tsimshian Nation, and to deny us our rightful place on the coast, with its sites and resources that are an integral part of who we are.

This denial is more than an attempt to separate us from our lands and resources, it is an assault on who we are as people. We are supposed to be moving forward with Canada and British Columbia in a spirit of recognition and reconciliation. Instead we are met with denial and resistance.

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Our home combines both coastal and inland areas covering 5,941,000 hectares. Coastal areas begin at Portland Inlet in the north, extending south through Chatham sound, and include important sites around Edye Pass and down Grenville and Principe Channels.

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